These results are developed during the implementation of the project.

National Reports

National reports gathering findings on local and regional initiatives connected to the reform of STEM education, best practices, students' attitudes and teachers' aproaches at local and EU level.

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Reflective Practice Case Study Compendium

This is a collection of case-studies discussed during the reflective groups with experts from companies, Higher Education Institutions and local authorities conducted in 4 countries. The groups identified a set of issues at university, labour-market and policy level demonstrating the need to adopt a STE(A)M approach.

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Working Guidelines

The working guidelines will guide partners in the delivery of the design & development workshops at local level involving students and teachers.

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State-of-the-Art Study

The State-of-the-Art study is a cross-country comparative analysis of the findings across the involved countries, thus providing a comprehensive overview and conclusions.

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Framework for Reforming Curricula

The framework indicates the areas in need of improvement within the current state of STEM curricula and educational approaches.

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Teachers' Training on the use of STE(A)M approaches

CHOICE partners in Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Spain trained secondary school teachers in the use of CHOICE MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for STE(A)M-based STEM education. This is a summary of the local trainings with information on the training content and organisation.

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