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Preparing for the co-creative process of Open Educational Resources on STE(A)M approaches

The CHOICE project aims to increase young people’s motivation to choose STEM careers through a practice-oriented multidisciplinary approach to teaching STEM subjects. And thus, in the longer run, to contribute to the preparation of workforce capable of facing future complex challenges.

In the first year of the project’s lifetime, partners researched the existing initiatives and best practices in STEAM and STE(A)M education, and analysed students’ attitudes towards STEM learning as well as the practical approaches applied by teachers in STEM teaching.

The main research results were collected and described in:

Based on the collaborative research, partners formulated the Framework for reforming STEM curricula, which will serve as a stepping stone for the co-production of 5 innovative Open Educational Resources (OER) and the CHOICE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).


At this stage of the project implementation, partners in Italy, Cyprus, Spain, and Greece are planning a series of Design & Development workshops where teachers together with their students will co-create original educational resources addressing 5 STE(A)M macro-areas:
1.    Connecting STEM and arts
2.    Experiential projects
3.    Using languages in STEM lessons
4.    Using technology in social sciences
5.    Turning sports and physical activity into a STEM learning experience

The topics and content of the educational resources will be co-designed with a valuable contribution of professionals from STEM-related academic and business field to ensure that the new resources reflect practical application of the subjects in real-world context.

Teachers involved in the local Design & Development workshops will take part in a two-day international training which will be held online on 27 and 28 January with the objective of preparing them for the workshop implementation and co-creation of the resources with active participation of students.

On January 13, the project partners met at their third meeting which marked the conclusion of the research and preparatory phase, and launched the works on the reforming STEM curricula through co-creation of innovative OERs and the CHOICE MOOC. Partners thoroughly discussed the next steps, planned the implementation at national level and agreed on the programme of the international training for teachers.

The next partners’ meeting is foreseen for September 2021 with the hope of meeting in person in Spain.

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