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CHOICE@SCHOOL Open Day in Spain


During the CHOICE Open Day event that took place in Maçanet de la Selva on November 21 st, students and teachers who co-created the 5 OER (Open Education Resources) showed the participants their work and the final product.


Around 250 students, teachers, politicians, stakeholders and other members of the school community attended the event and learned useful STEAM resources to be implemented in class.


There were 6 different stations in the town sports center, each one corresponding with an OER and also a central station that was used to introduce the CHOICE project as a whole and give a pen with the logo as a gift. All the stations had a roll-up that summarized the process of designing the resources and was used to guide the explanation.


As it can be seen in the attached agenda, the event had four different sessions with different participants that moved through the different stations in a planned way (10 minutes each) and could see and experiment first hand the different activities.


The event was a great success and it fulfilled the objective of disseminating the CHOICE project and promoting STEAM resources within the school community.


Poster of the event


Agenda of the event


Folder with all the pictures and videos of the event


Article on the school website with some pictures:

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