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Open Day on Grammar School


The Grammar School of Nicosia and GrantXpert Consulting hosted an Open Day event at the school on December 6th.


The event began with a welcome speech from the hosts, Senior Headmaster Mr Stephen Patsalos and Mrs Tonia Galati, Head of the Grammar School's Business Development and Innovation Department. Following that, Dr. Irene Drymiotou of GrantXpert gave an overview of the CHOICE project, and Mrs. Tonia Galati focused on the OERs designed, developed, and implemented in the Grammar School, sharing students' experiences.


Following the presentations, participants went to the various stations in the conference room where students displayed their projects in the context of OERs and other STEM-related projects developed after the piloting ended. During the event, photos and videos from the piloting, field visits, social media awareness-raising campaign, and conference were projected in the background.


Around 100 people attended the Open Day, including students and teachers from the Grammar School Nicosia, as well as three invited stakeholders from Cyprus's Department of Private Education. The stakeholders learned about how the CHOICE project was implemented in their school, with an emphasis on its interdisciplinary approach. The event concluded with refreshments and drinks for all attendees.

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