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CHOICE team meets in Palermo


How can education contribute to the formation of future experts capable of tackling complex societal challenges? What innovations are needed in STEM education in Italy and the EU to do so?

The CHOICE project intends to innovate the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) by emphasising the need for interdisciplinarity and stressing the role of STEM disciplines in addressing current environmental and social needs. The project builds on and promotes the STE(A)M approach to STEM education, connecting STEM with Arts and - in a broader interpretation - All the other disciplines.

Using this approach, CHOICE aims to make STEM subjects more appealing and tangible for students, encouraging them to pursue academic studies and careers in this field.


In spring 2022, project partners in Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Belgium organised round-tables with stakeholders, representing secondary and tertiary educational institutions, public authorities, policy-makers and business. They discussed the current educational policies and practices, and presented the main CHOICE results and outcome with the objective of understanding how CHOICE MOOC, resources and approaches can be integrated in secondary school curricula in favour of innovative STE(A)M approaches, and strengthening synergies between school, academia and the business world.


On May 5 and 6, project partners met at their fifth meeting in Palermo, where they discussed the main findings and issues emerged during the national stakeholder round-tables, and worked together on drafting the policy recommendations, reflecting the regional and national similarities as well as differences. They also shared their experiences from MOOC piloting, and planned the up-coming activities, including Social media campaign and Final Conference to be held in Brussels on November 2022.

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