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CHOICE second coordination meeting

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Work continues for the CHOICE partners, who met virtually for their 2nd Coordination Meeting on 29th September.

During the first phase of the meeting, partners discussed the progress achieved during the past six months. All partners have recently completed the research part of the project, leading to the identification of existing initiatives to reform STEM education, best practices, students’ attitudes towards STEM subjects and career aspirations, as well as teachers’ and directors’ approaches to STEM education. Research was conducted on a national level in Italy, Greece, Spain and Cyprus, as well as on a European level. Our key findings are published in the State of the Art Study, which is accessible through our project’s website. This publication will be soon available in five different languages (English, Greek, Italian, Spanish and French).

During the second and most exciting part of the meeting, partners discussed their upcoming activities to be carried out in the coming months, which will focus on the core aspect of our project, including:

  • Training in co-producing open educational resources involving Consortium members and teachers

  • Implementing design and development workshops involving teachers and students at local level

  • Developing a MOOC on STE(A)M education

  • Organising local teacher training sessions on STE(A)M approaches

  • Implementing field-visits of students to leading companies and universities in the field of STEM


Finally, a date has been set for our next partners’ meeting, which will take place next January. Partners will meet virtually again, unless the spread of COVID-19 is reduced allowing partners to meet safely face-to-face in Palermo.   

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